Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this site?
    • This is an editable online database for zemirot, liturgy, and other Jewish songs.
  • Is this your hobby?
    • The Zemirot Database is not a business or corporation. It is a personal website run as a hobby.
      The website does not generate any revenue whatsoever and does not have any employees. Nobody gets paid to work on the Zemirot Database. Mendy and Gabe maintain the website and edit the song collection in their spare time.
  • What should I do?
    • You should create new entries, edit songs already up, and upload yourself singing new tunes.
  • How do I record songs?
  • Why is my upload slow?
  • Can I upload copyrighted material?
    • Chas ve'shalom! Please don't upload copyrighted material without permission.
      The Zemirot Database takes copyright very seriously. We delete songs, including cover versions, that to our knowledge have been uploaded without permission. The Zemirot Database has permission to host, or has licensed, a number of songs. Where that is the case, it is noted on the website.
      To report copyright infringement, click here. The Zemirot Database is DMCA compliant.
      Please see the Copyright Policy and the Terms of Use for more information.
  • The sound files don't work for me!
    • If you're using Explorer, you may need to give it permission to play the sound.
    • If you do not have a browser plugin that supports streaming mp3 and wav files, you may not be able to play the sound. We will try to increase the compatibiltiy of our sound files soon.
    • Mac Firefox 5 has proven to not be great for dispalying audio files. We're also working on this.
  • There are letters missing!
    • Mac Firefox 3 and Fireforx 4 do not display some letters with dageshim.
  • My Hebrew looks ugly!