מקימי מעפר דל

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Mekimi meafar Dal me'eshpot yarim evyon. Lehoshivi im nedivim, im nedivey amo.
Mi KeHashem Eloenu Hamagbihi Lashevet, Hamashpili lir'ot bashamayim uva'aretz
מקימי מעפר דל מאשׁפּת ירים אביון. להושיבי עם נדיבים עם נדיבי עמו.
מי כה' אלוקינו המגביהי לשבת המשפּילי לראות בּשמים ובארץ.


Those who build dust from deserts will raise their poverty
To sit with generous people
With his generous people
Who is the Lord, Lord of the heavens and the heavens?
Your humiliati​​ng witness to see in heaven and earth
Oy, the founders of poor soil
Mumps​ will raise the poor
Woe to my seat
With generous people, with his generous people

Who is the Lord of the Universe?​
You have a humiliati​​ng sight to see in the heavens and in the earth
Oh, I'm getting up from the dirt without dung
May the poor be raised to dwell with the generous people of his people
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