Odehcha Ki Anisani

אוֹדך כי עניתני

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Odecha ki anitani, va'tehi li liyeshua

Even ma'asu habonim, haytah lerosh pinah

Me'et adonai hayta zoat, hi nifla'at be'eineinu

Zeh hayom ashah adonai, nagila ve'nismecha bo
אודך כי עניתני, ותהי לי לישועה

אבן מאסו הבונים, היתה לראש פנה

מאת יי היתה זאת, היא נפלאת בעינינו

זה היום עשה יי, נגילה ונשמחה בו


I will give thanks unto Thee, for Thou hast answered me, and art become my salvation​.

The stone which the builders rejected is become the chief corner-st​one.

This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellou​s in our eyes.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Jewis​h Publicati​on Society Translati​on (in public domain)

Psalm​ 118:21-24​


This song is found in Hallel.

Thoughts of Zemirot Database contributor: My own personal thoughts are "the stone" the builders despised can also refer to Torah (the numerical positions of each of the letters letters in the words EVEN "stone" and TORAH in the aleph beis both add to 53). In addition, Yom in Hebrew can mean "day" and it can also mean "time period". Everyone goes through different periods of life, ups and downs and since it is all for the ultimate good and since it all comes from Hashem, we should rejoice and be happy.


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