Avinu Malkenu

אבנו מלכנו

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Avinu Malkenu
Khonenu Va'anenu
Avinu Malkenu Khonenu Va'anenu Ki en Banu Maasim (2x)

Ase Imanu Tzdaka Vakhesed.
Ase Imanu Tzdaka Vakhesed Vehoshienu
אבנו מלכנו חננו ועננו
כי אין בנו מעשים
עשה עמנו צדקה וחסד


Our Father, our King! be gracious unto us and answer us, for we have no good works of our own; deal with us in charity and kindness,​ and save us.

Trans​lation from The Standard Prayer book by Simeon Singer (1915) (public domain)


This is a great Ruach song that you can repeat over and over to strenghten your Emunah in Hashem and feel we are totally dependent on him and that absolutaly everything comes from him. The more you repeat it the more inspired you become !


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