Blessing of Children

ברכת ילדים

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For a girl:
Y'simech Elohim
k-Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, v-Leah

For a boy:
Y'simcha Elohim
k'Ephraim v'chi Menashe

Yeverechecha adonai ve'yishmereicha.
Ya'er adonai panav eileicha vichuneika.
Yisa adonai panav eileicha ve'yasem lecha shalom.
יְשֲׁמֱֳך אֶלׂהִים
כְּשָׁרָה רִבְקָה רָחֵל וְלֱאָה

יְשֲׁמֵך אֶלׂהִים
כֶּאֶפְרַיִם וְכִמְנָשֶׁה

יְבָרֶכְךָ יהוה וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ:
יָאֵר יהוה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וִיחֻנֶּךָּ:
יִשָּׂא יהוה פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וְיָשֵׂם לְךָ שָׁלוֹם:


For a girl:
May God make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.

For a boy:
God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh.​
Genes​is 48:20

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee;
The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; The Lord lift up His countenan​ce upon thee, and give thee peace.
Numbe​rs 6:24-26

Trans​lation source: User-cont​ributed (introduc​tion for a girl), rest is from Jewish Publicati​on Society Bible (1917) (public domain)


The tune composed by Ervin Klein and sung by Adam Szanto is used with permission.


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