Mi Ban Siach

מי בן שיח

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Mi bon siach shoshan chochim,
ahavas kallah, m'sos dodim,
hu yivarech es hechasan v'es hakallah
מִי בן שיח שושן חוחים,
אהבת כלה, משוש דודים,
הוא יברך את החתן ואת הכלה


He who understan​​ds the babble of the rose among thorns, the love of a bride, the joy of her beloved ones, may He bless the groom and bride.

Alter​natively,​ the lyrics (based on middrash Shir HaShirim Rabba 2) may be rendered:​

One who knows how to say the Sheva Brachos, [and is thereby like a] rose amongst thorns, who understan​​ds the love of a bride and the joy of lovers, he will bless the groom and bride.

User-​contribut​ed translati​on


Sung to a bride as she enters the chuppah.

(See http://www.kipa.co.il/ask/show/111826 )


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