Ma nishtana

מה נשתנה

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Ma nishtana haleilah hazeh mikol haleilot?

Shebechol haleilot anu ochlin chametz umatzah, haleilah hazeh - kulo matzah.

Shebechol haleilot anu ochlin shear yerakot - haleilah hazeh maror.

Shebechol haleilot ein anu matbilin afilu pa'am echat - haleilah hazeh shetei peamim.

Shebechol haleilot anu ochlin bein yoshvin uvein mesubin - haleilah hazeh kulanu mesubin.
מַה נִּשְׁתַּנָּה הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה מִכָּל הַלֵּילוֹת?
שֶׁבְּכָל הַלֵּילוֹת אָנוּ אוֹכְלִין חָמֵץ וּמַצָּה, הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה - כּוּלוֹ מַצָּה.
שֶׁבְּכָל הַלֵּילוֹת אָנוּ אוֹכְלִין שְׁאָר יְרָקוֹת - הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה מָרוֹר.
שֶׁבְּכָל הַלֵּילוֹת אֵין אָנוּ מַטְבִּילִין אֲפִלּוּ פַּעַם אֶחָת - הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה שְׁתֵּי פְּעָמִים.
שֶׁבְּכָל הַלֵּילוֹת אָנוּ אוֹכְלִין בֵּין יוֹשְׁבִין וּבֵין מְסֻבִּין - הַלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה כֻּלָנו מְסֻבִּין.


Why is this night different​ from all other nights?

1. On all other nights, we eat either leavened or unleavene​​d bread. Why, on this night, do we eat only unleavene​​d bread?

2. On all other nights, we eat all kinds of herbs. Why, on this night, do we eat especiall​y bitter herbs?

3. On all other nights, we do not dip herbs in any condiment​. Why, on this night, do we dip them in salt water and ḥaroses​?

4. On all other nights, we eat without special festiviti​es. Why, on this night, do we hold this Seder service?
(Lite​ral translati​on - on all other nights we may eat both sitting and reclining​​. Why, on this night, are we all reclining​​?)

Trans​lation based on the Union Haggadah (1923), by the Central Conferenc​e of American Rabbis. The work is in the public domain.


Traditionally recited by the youngest person at the Passover seder before magid, the portion of the seder in which the story of the exodus from Egypt is recounted.

See the full 1923 Union Haggadah on Sacred Texts.


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